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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Enjoy Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 2010

Gordon Gekko, fresh from prison, re-emerges into a much harsher financial world than the one he left.

Also Known As:
Money Never Sleeps
Wall Street 2
Wall Street Sequel
Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release
Genres: Drama and Sequel
Release Date: September 24th, 2010 (wide)
20th Century Fox
Production Co.:
Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation
20th Century Fox
Filming Locations:
New York City, New York, USA
Produced in: United States

As if we needed another reason to see "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." Shia LaBeouf just gave an explosive GQ cover interview which lifts the lid on director Oliver Stone's unorthodox (and hopefully effective) directing methods.

"He is the doctor of human manipulation," Shia tells the mag.

As Shia says: "We'd be on the street, and Oliver would just say, 'Go to that bar, get f---- up, and come back.' I'd walk over, get smashed, and go back to work."

Then Stone would start working on him: "I get aggressive when I'm smashed, and he'd film that. He would just open you up completely, make you (expletive) naked-and then call, 'Action!' "

The long awaited sequel to the 1987 film "Wall Street" was originally due to be released in April 23, but has been pushed back to Sept. 24. It's been 23 years, we can wait a few more months.

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